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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Coursemates Gathering + Aaron's Birthday!

A gathering among the coursemates of 3rd year biotech!
There was a celebration for Aaron's birthday as well!
The cake is just tooo special for the shii buut! =P
~Simply love the candle light~
Candle light with the shop name --> SideWalk!
The menu. I'd ordered Prawn with Tomato Sauce Spaghetti!
Not bad oh! Can come and try! =)
My dear Miew! She didn't allow me to take a photo of her!! =(
Ngai Teng, Jacqueline and Siaw Yin.
Siaw Yin, Winnie, Hua Sien and Ivy.
Stupid Siaw Yin was looking at Jacq instead of me.. LoLz..
The birthday guy --> Aaron and Melanie!
~Melanie and Louis~
~Carl Miew, Jennie, Meng Shin and Pey Ling~
P/S: Miew, SEE! I got you! =X
Louis, Leh Ee and Ember.
Meldon and Hui Yik.
The restaurant is actually belonged to Hui Yik's uncle.
So everything we ordered was with 10% discount! =D
Jacq with funny Miew!
Somehow she told me she loves this pic.
WEIRD taste! =X
Miew! Once again I got you!! =D
After the meal, we went to ENTER for karaoke session!
I have never been there. Quite pretty what~
And it's quite cheap. RM9.90 with a free drink! =)
~Karaoke session~
Miew and me went back earlier!
I guess the rest will have other interesting plans to be carried on!
Feel good to have gathering with A LOT OF friends sometimes.


  1. Both places i went b4~ hehe!Sidewalk not bad but quite expensive, last time there got live band now dun hv liao..
    And my fren dont like enterK's sound system i just go there once nia.haha, quite enjoy la u ho~ =D

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