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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

03/06/2009 -- Ching's Wedding Day

Next, talk about Ching's wedding day. Ching is my little cousin, same age with me.
A picture of Ching with his wife. =)
Here comes the another one! =)
The right one is my dear cousin. He was soooo nervous! But I guess everyone would be nervous on their wedding day? Wondering what to do next. LoLz. =D
These are all his brothers. They accompanied him to the bride's house to bring her back. I heard that they had sacrificed a lot such as drinking those unknown juice and push up for about 20 times if I'm not mistaken.
Mee sua is a must for wedding I guess. I'd went to their house since early and helped them with all these. Actually, I only poured the chicken soup into the bowl with mee sua prepared by others. Haha! What to do, I'm not good in cooking. Haha! =P
Let's guess, what are those two creatures?? I think most of you will think they are tortoises. And yeah, they are really tortoises. But my sis-in-law said that they are CJ7. My another cousin was even funny. He said that those two are pomelo or grapefruit. Laugh until fall down~ =P
My cousin, ming was helping her mum to make up. First time to be mother-in-law, sure wanna look prety pretty de la! I had also 'played' with her make up stuffs at the corner. Shh...
This is their room. I couldn't take much photos because there were too many people. Squeezed sardin~ LoLz~
Aha! Steven! I'm forced to mosaic the most important part. =P
I didn't take photo during the lunch because I was too far from the stage. So...


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