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Friday, November 23, 2012

Enriching Your Life with Mary Kay

So this post is mainly for girls because no guys are allowed to join Mary Kay. >.<

Invited by Ewen to attend Mary Kay's guests event held at Kingwood last Sunday. Then only I realized, it's a direct sales brand. lol. I wonder why I so got fate with direct sales one? Firstly Nu Skin approached me at the year of 2009 (But I din join), then Amway approached me during April this year (Ok, I joined) and now Mary Kay approached me! lol

Had no antipathy towards direct sales but at the same time I don't think I can succeed in direct sales either because I'm such a 'thin-faced' person and I hate to be hated. If I found out I'd been isolated by some groups of friends I'll get sooo depressed. I experienced that before and my depression is more than you can imagine. Out of topic already. lol.

So ya, photo above taken during the event. And they are like reaching some higher classes so they have to vow to continue contributing to this business. Can see from their pink jackets. Symbols of reaching certain classes. lol

But I'm 100% attracted by the leather bag on the table. You see that?  Pretty and elegant huh? >.<

It was an event sharing the Mary Kay's products, as well as sharing of certain people on their success in this business. Wonder how much did I absorb during the event because I'm more interested in the products. Heard of it before, averagely favorable comments but I thought they're expensive!

But then, I was told to bring EVERYTHING ON THE TABLE HOME, you have to spend a RM180 only! A RM180! That's affordable right? With the bags, products and etc. costed you only RM180! Without much hesitation (plus some instigation from my colleague), I bought them. =P

Come on, RM180 is so affordable and worth for EVERYTHING ON THE TABLE ok?

So I signed and paid and waited patiently for them to reach my doorstep. lol. Oh ya, not to forget the gifts for everyone who attended that day.

Small gift given with Mary Kay paper bag. =)
I'm not a pink lover but I somehow feel good with this color. lol

What's inside? First, a note book of Mary Kay. =)

And free samples! My colleague gave me hers so I have more than one! lol

Samples given! Free eye shadows lip colors. 
Don't know why I just feel good when I see them. (穷酸鬼个性)

And yesterday when I just got back from work, my mama told me there's a parcel for me. At first I thought it might be parcel from or some other items I ordered online previously but to my surprise it's Mary Kay's parcel!!

See? MARY KAY. lol

And first thing I see is this big big leather bag.
It's bigger than I thought. Might not be convenient to be brought out during shopping since it's leather made and quite heavy but definitely ideal during travelling!! Love it love it! lol

When I unzipped it, everything was inside. =)

Another foldable bag was hidden inside. lol

2 x timewise matte-wear liquid foundation (Retail Price = RM70 each)
1 x timewise age-fighting moisturizer (Retail Price = RM115)
1 x timewise 3-in-1 cleanser (Retail Price = RM105)

Can see from here that only the above four products might have costed me more than RM180 already.
So RM180 is definitely worthy. (Why do I feel like I'm hypnotizing me myself??)

I tried its liquid foundation this morning already and it's surprisingly smooth and with good coverage. Not clear in this photo because I used front camera. lol

Ok, these are actually three pieces of mirrors. lol

One disposable facial clothes. Oh well, mine had just finished so this arrived just at the right time. =)

Some palettes for demonstration I think. Since they're expecting you to share this good business with others which I don't think I'll do that. =X

An useful tool with instruction on how to host a class on it. lol

A file holder. Again, with Mary Kay on it. =)

And all the information you need to start this business. Read them last night but din really understand on how to start it. Once again, I have emphasized that I don't think I'll into this business. lol. What I want is FREE skincare class and FREE makeup class. (穷酸鬼again! =.=)

Tadaa~ Lotsa samples~~!!

And samples~~

And samples!!! 

So I guess it comes to an end on my sharing about Mary Kay. Will update if I found any products nice to use. Oh ya, anyone wants the samples?? Can it be the eye-shadows, lip colors on the masks. PM me ok. =)

Stay tuned and support me by clicking the nuffnang ads ok? Thank you very much! =)


  1. I was about to join Mary Kay too... But after that no one approach me in K.L so... my RM180 is safe... lolx! I think their product not bad, especially the lifting mask :)

    1. I see. Haha! Still exploring this brand loh. They are giving free classes, that's another attraction for me. RM180 is worth for all those stuffs bah. Haha! Btw, take good care in KL ya! lol

    2. wow, look nice! but i interest with skin care items, not make up items one. Got skin care samples? i want anti-aging de liao.. aha! honestly say, thats really worth, no wonder u mention it N times! haha!

    3. Yes, my dear. If you want I can give you some free samples about anti-aging (timewise series). Huasien's coming to Sibu around 20 Dec I can pass some to her to bring back to Bintulu for you. The mask really nice. Must try! They have whitening series, botanical effect (Which having promotion to buy 3 products at RM216 instead of RM296 and free one bottle of mask I mentioned), acne-prone skin care set (which I'm so gonna buy real soon). lol

    4. OHH, i tot u bought many set facial care previously? Neh, the one u bought during ur birthday? and last last one the nature republic one. u finished used them? haha! Or u just too rich to buy another set again. LOL... or the promo is just too tempting? So, u find out which product suit u already not? I now more to search for anti-aging/ firming product lo. I feel my skin getting 老化 very fast. sad.

    5. Nature republic definitely not suitable for me. My skin condition got worse after using them. So I early hide them somewhere. And the one I bought during my birthday, the moisturizer was finished within 2 months. Never expect to finish it so soon. Other products like cleanser, lotion all still have. The Mary Kay one is more to products to be used before moisturizer like a spot solution or whatever. Just wanna give it a try. I bought them coz I want the bag. Not the products. It's the bag which's tempting. I'm not sure about the Mary Kay anti-aging products but my colleague got used she said good wor. Its timewise series is much more popular than the acne-prone series but too bad I have to choose the acne-prone series. lol


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