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Sunday, July 31, 2011

When There Is An Electricity Cut Off

Hereby I declare that the above story drawn is NOT MY OWN STORY. Yes, there was an electricity cut off few days ago but I didn't dig my nose OK!


I know I become lazier and I don't even have the patience to edit the pictures nicely. Those are such rash pictures drawn and argh.. I'm conquered by my laziness! Where's my enthusiasm towards blogging? 

Friday, July 29, 2011


It's actually a net shop which is owned by my younger cousin's wife. Click on the link above and it will direct you to her net shop. Well, it's not only a net shop. It has a store too which is located near the terminal bus in Sibu. The exact address is: No.55, 1st Floor, Lorong Pahlawan 7, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak.

LIKE its FB page HERE! =)


They sell skincare products, makeup products, masks, clothes, sexy pyjamas, some unique stuffs, useful stuffs and etc. There's just too much to be listed here.

For example: MUGS -- Click HERE to know more. =)

Another example: BADGES -- Click HERE to know more. =D

Or this one: MINI PHOTO ALBUM -- Click HERE to know more.

That's my cute little nephew on it. SO CUTE!! >_<


Well well, that's the main point for this post. What did I buy huh? I bought a lot of things from her shop. And the things I love most is the fake eyelashes. Currently I have three different types fake eyelashes bought from Angellilyfashion and I LOVE THEM A LOT. XD

You can see the root is transparent rather than black!

That's how I look like when I'm using that fake eyelashes. A little bit heavy.

This is quite thick but it helps to make your eyes look bigger. XD

In this photo, I used that kind of fake eyelashes! =P

I LOVE THIS THE MOST. Look more natural. =)

If you still remember, I wore that type of fake eyelashes to my friend's birthday party and it was spoil after being covered with cream. So sad. Btw, I bought three more pairs of same type of eyelashes after that. LOL

Next, the climax of this post. I'm going to show you all a really silly picture which I spent my whole noon to finish it. I spent time to make up, dress up, capture picture, edit it and bla bla bla. And I'm sorry that I'm not brave enough to show you its actual look. The clothes were bought from Angellilyfashion as well except the white blouse on the right. 


Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Shoes!

Photo taken 28/07/2011.

Went to Farley just now and bought three pairs of shoes! Honestly I don't really like to buy shoes because I am VERY LAZY. I am lazy to choose, lazy to try and bla bla bla. Hey, trying shoes is a very tiring job for me OK! And I seldom buy shoes unless the one I own is damaged. 

However, the current one I wear for around 7 months already and it's not damaged yet! What a miracle! LoLz. Coz normally my shoes damaged within 2 or 3 months. Then why did I buy new shoes? Erm, I DON'T KNOW. 

This is the first pair of shoes I bought. 

This is how it looks like on my feet. Pretty not? XD

Leaf-shaped sandals. With leopard pattern some more! Cool not? XD

Now you can't see its leaf-shaped anymore. Haha!

HELLO KITTY Paw-shaped shoes. CUTE NOT??

That's my FAVORITE among all!!

But I don't think I'm gonna wear them while going out. Most probably will wear them when going to toilet. Haha! I'm not young little girl anymore ok. Among those three, which pair do you like the most?? I like the HELLO KITTY one the most!! MEOW~ XD

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Children Are Easy To Be Cheated!

P/S: There is an error keep repeating when I was editing the fourth picture so please don't mind about the fonts. =P

1. Those who read my blog should know that my family had celebrated my birthday together with my dad's birthday on last Sunday. Click HERE to know more. It was just a very simple celebration but I love the time we spent together. Yeah, I LOVE MY FAMILY A LOT.

2. While I was sitting on the sofa at the living room waiting for my dad to start the birthday song singing ceremony, my nephew came and asked :" How old are you actually? "

3. Yes, the evil pear appeared and without hesitation I told him I was 18 years old. Wuahahaha..

4. However, my nephew then shouted VERY LOUDLY to his parents telling them I was 18 years old. Then only I know they were wondering how many candles should they put on the cake at that time! OMG! What a shame!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Philippines Sumptuous Banquet

Angry Birds birthday cake. (Mango flavored)

The pretty birthday girl! Taken from her FB album. =D

This is another birthday post. Whose birthday is it? Her name is SEVEN, a very beautiful philippines girl and she has super long pretty legs! I wish I could have her legs. Haha! In case you wonder why does she call Seven, hmm, it's actually her nickname. Not that her real name is Seven. And she has another friend called Eleven. So both of them make the word SEVEL-ELEVEN. Haha! I'm not joking, it's true OK! XD

Seven's another super size birthday cake.

I was quite shocked when I know she's actually 21-year-old only. OMG! She's even younger than me! It makes me feel like I'm an old woman. I am already 23-year-old bah!

Guess what, I have just got back from the Philippines sumptuous banquet. Never eat local Philippines food before and this was my first time. I LOVE THE FOOD SO MUCH!! I always cannot resist delicious food!


They are too creative!! It's the first time I see people joining hot dog and cotton candy and then using cabbage to fix them just like the flower arranging. Haha! My friend even said wanna use the cabbage to fix the plum blossoms during Chinese New Year. XD

Food grasping time... =)

OMG! I was being caught busy grasping food too! XD

Kisses was caught taking photos stealthily behind the door. XD

Don't ask me why did I laugh that way because I have no idea too.

It has been a long time since I last posted food pictures. Since the title was named Philippines Sumptuous Banquet then of course I have to upload those super delicious Philippines food!! All being cooked by their own! Btw, the photos are somehow looked a little bit dark but I'll try to explain what's it. XD

The mixed vege. I din try this dish coz I am a carnivore!

Spaghetti! It's so wonderful! However you can't eat too much at once because it's a little bit sweet. 

Ei.. I dunno what's this. Haha!

The fish! I din try also. XD

CURRY!! One of my favorite dishes! I love this curry. It's not too spicy which suits me very well. I can't eat spicy food but I love curry! Hmm~

The salad. Not bad. =P

The dessert. This is very nice too but.. too sweet. Do you see those white mayonnaise-liked viscous liquid? It is actually SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK. Can you imaging how sweet it could be? But it's really nice. I ate a lot. XD

Sophie said this is beef but Lim said it's actually pork. But WHO CARES? As long as it's nice it doesn't matter beef or pork. XD 

Philippines Pork Leg. Not much I would like to comment because it's so fantastic!! It's finished within a few minutes!

The Best Dish!

Thank you all for the dishes and thanks again for inviting me over. 

Happy birthday to Seven!

Wish all your dreams come true in near future and stay pretty and healthy always!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Birthday To Us!

I wonder, why do we have two eyes? It causes trouble when applying eyeliner. WHY? After I perfectly applied the eyeliner on my right eye, I always messed up with my left eye. Either one was too thick. Then, I tried to balance the another side and it ended up the thinner side became thicker and with that, it went endless. I HATE THAT! Shit my louzy skill. T^T

Back to the title. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! The US refers to Joyful Chiong, my cute daddy and me myself! Joyful's birthday is on 24 July which is today and it's also my dad's birthday according to lunar calendar. Then, WHY ME? My birthday is actually next Wednesday according to lunar calendar so we celebrated it together once only.

Joyful's birthday cake prepared by Sheena and Hie Ming aka my cousin!

Joyful's creamy just-for-fun cake prepared by Manila. 

Last night, we went to Manila to celebrate Joyful's birthday. I reached there at around 10pm and thanks to Pick Zhi for picking me up since I failed to contact my cousin. I was among the earlier group because most of the people came at around 11pm. Not punctual at all!! >_<

Ok, we were not really crazy until it was almost 12am. We were chit-chatting and noticing the people around us to spend the time. They ordered a lot of beers, coca-colas and green teas. Oh ya, I only drank one glass of beer and two tins of green tea. That's all. Not really into beers nowadays. =)

Ah Boy, Joyful, Vincent and Polo Lim.

Can you see how crazy were they last night through that picture? They played it for two rounds because Ivin managed to escape during the first round so they decided to start the second round to make it fair. However, not much pictures were taken by me BECAUSE I WAS BEING ATTACKED TOO! Perhaps I should ask for photos from those Philippines girls.

Can you imagine how would you feel with your fake eyelashes FULL OF CREAM? Honestly, I felt like: EW! I SHOULD BRING MY CLEANSER ALONG. XD

Another thing which I keep reminding myself to write out here is that there was a guy, I don't know who is he but he was brought there by someone I knew and he was really ridiculous. He kept drinking beers and Chivas and finally got drunken and HE KEPT FALLING DOWN. He fell like a tree being cut down with his face on the ground. He fell for three times and the pose was really a bad pose with the chair on his back some more. *Regret for not taking photos of him* LOL

I quite enjoyed last night and I would like to wish Joyful Chiong a very blissful life forever. =)


This post should actually end before the the demarcation line. I was doing my mask while writing this post just now but then someone knocked on my door and it was my sis-in-law, Jennifer Wong asking me to go down for birthday celebration. 

WHAT THE HELL? Celebration with my mask on? 

My dad's White Lady birthday cake. =)

My coffee flavored birthday cake. It's so fantabulous!

And yeah, I did it. A birthday celebration with my mask on. Hahaha! I am really CRAZY!

After the singing and cake cutting ceremony, it's cake grasping time. Look at my sis's expression!! There's supposed to be saliva dropping onto the floor. LOL

Another photo of me with the mask on my face. VERY STUPID. XD

Finally, wish my cute papa and Joyful Chiong