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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby bunnies have grown up!!

Just wanna show you all the baby bunnies have all grown up!!
Black and white spots~
Little panda-liked~
Snow white~

Ow~ The floor is too slippery that I can't stand up~

Sleeping beauty~ Haha~
Don't get on the wrong side of us!! =P
Snow white on her hands~ =)

03/06/2009 -- Ching's Wedding Day

Next, talk about Ching's wedding day. Ching is my little cousin, same age with me.
A picture of Ching with his wife. =)
Here comes the another one! =)
The right one is my dear cousin. He was soooo nervous! But I guess everyone would be nervous on their wedding day? Wondering what to do next. LoLz. =D
These are all his brothers. They accompanied him to the bride's house to bring her back. I heard that they had sacrificed a lot such as drinking those unknown juice and push up for about 20 times if I'm not mistaken.
Mee sua is a must for wedding I guess. I'd went to their house since early and helped them with all these. Actually, I only poured the chicken soup into the bowl with mee sua prepared by others. Haha! What to do, I'm not good in cooking. Haha! =P
Let's guess, what are those two creatures?? I think most of you will think they are tortoises. And yeah, they are really tortoises. But my sis-in-law said that they are CJ7. My another cousin was even funny. He said that those two are pomelo or grapefruit. Laugh until fall down~ =P
My cousin, ming was helping her mum to make up. First time to be mother-in-law, sure wanna look prety pretty de la! I had also 'played' with her make up stuffs at the corner. Shh...
This is their room. I couldn't take much photos because there were too many people. Squeezed sardin~ LoLz~
Aha! Steven! I'm forced to mosaic the most important part. =P
I didn't take photo during the lunch because I was too far from the stage. So...

28/05/2009 -- Dragon Boat Festival

It's been long time I didn't update my blog. Mostly due to my laziness. Besides, my laptop got some problems before this. Well, let's talk about the Dragon Boat Festival. LoLz, already over for half month already... Never mind, let's share~
Tada~ The egg was standing still! You must try it at around 12 noon. I thought the newspaper had a post about this?? And yeah, we'd tried it and it worked! We tried it in front of Hong Lee Cafe and you can imagine how many people had passed by and thought we were crazy. Or to be precise, she. Cause I was eating my lunch inside while giving attention to her under the sun outside. LoLz.
Nah! This is from her tauke nio. She was so happy and send her tauke nio the picture she captured to tell her that she had succeed the experiment but then her tauke nio replied with this and said:" Haha! I've more!" LoLz..

Ok. Back to the feast. STEAMBOAT!!!

My sis, my mum and my dad.
Clement & Elaine busy steamboat-ing.
Well, I felt great because I seldom eat at home. Mostly eat outside. I ate until so full that I hard to move and had to lie on the bed. I ended up sleeping after the meal until night. Wuahahaha~