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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why Don't You Love Life?

Honestly this post is supposed to be something sweet regarding my dear Joan's touching act towards me this morning but then I happened to know that an indian guy from my university had commited suicide this afternoon and I was so damn shocked! WTF! He terminated his life with such an easy way?

What I know is, he's an indian guy, second year student from Faculty of Engineering, studying civil engineering, from KK, Sabah, commited suicide by drowning himself in the lake with a bag full of stones. I'm not sure the reason why he had chosen to commit suicide but I've heard that he planned his suicide since early. Again. WTF! A planned path to death?!

What's wrong with the youngsters now? I got sooo irrirated with the suicide news on the newspaper already and now it did happen in my campus! You have the gut to jump, why don't you transform the bravery of jumping into your determination to survive? Don't you know that there are so many people outside who are trying their very best to struggle for a longer life. Even it's only one day longer, they will struggle and really appreaciate it! They don't want their lives to be ended in such easy ways. And now you jump, you'd solved your problem. But then you created problem for others, especially those who love you so much such as your family and your friends!!

I've lost a friend last year. Even she's just a friend of mine for almost three years, you just can hardly imagine my pain of losing her. Now, can you imagine the pain suffered by your family? Your existence just means so much to your parents. They brought you to this world for joy and pleasure but not asking you to make them suffer more! I feel really sad for your family...

Everyone encounters certain obstacles on their journey of lives but then each obstacle should have made you stonger! I really cannot understand why people commit suicide! What's so serious? What you have lost until you decide to give up on your most precious thing which is life? How cruel you are!

Take a look at those children. If you could swap your life for them, would you? WOULD YOU??
Here's the story of Dora. Take some time to really finish it. It's so meaningful that it might change your current negative ideas. I couldn't control my tears while I was watching it just now. =X

Now, asnwer me loudly, DO YOU LOVE LIFE?? I hope to listen the word 'YES' from EVERYONE. =')


  1. 当我们在责骂那位自杀朋友的时候,有没有站在他的角度上看世界呢?他,他身边的人,还有网民,在这件事上都有责任。希望大家可以注重心灵上的问题 =]

  2. 你说得对.其实在很多时候,最重要的是当事人可以自己走出来.很多事情,如果当事人没有诉说,旁人是无法得知他的想法.当然,他身边有没有这种可以诉说的对象那就不得而知了.更何况在现今这个社会上,没有几个人是真的付出完全的真心来交朋友.就连我自己,我也不敢拍打胸脯说我是这样的一个人.


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